Agape Fellowship History

Agape is Greek for God’s perfect love.  It demonstrates His feelings for the human family and He exemplified those feelings by “giving” us His “Only Begotten Son.”When we lived in Virginia during 1994-1997, the burden of the need for our ministry, in the Stafford area, weighed heavily upon my heart.  I knew at that time the Lord was calling us to ministry in this area.  Although that was not the season, the Lord eventually sent us back here to fulfill His call upon our lives.

For preparation, God sent us to Naples, Italy to begin Agape Fellowship.  When we arrived in Naples, we assisted the ministries that we attended.  We recognized later that this was not the will of the Lord. After seeking the Lord’s guidance, and discussing the vision with each other, Agape Fellowship was birthed.  Its’ birth was in Naples, but it was conceived out of almost fifteen years of service to the people of God and countless hours of praying and seeking the face of God—and, most importantly, “destiny.”   We sought the Lord on behalf of the community in Naples, and the enormous need to have a place of worship for those who would soon become a part of the community.  We continue to provide leadership and guidance to the ministry there.

Felicia and I returned to this area in May 1999, under the providence and mandate of the Lord, to fulfill the vision He gave three years earlier.  Because we already knew what the Lord placed in our hearts, it was a matter of seeking Him for the timing, not the task.  The Lord has given us the vision for the Agape Worship Complex.  It will consist of a place of worship with office spaces, classrooms, an educational facility, and a gymnasium facility that will house our Community Development Center.  The vision for the Agape family will enable us to be directly involved in employing many in this community.  We plan to fulfill the vision through teaching and preaching the gospel of Christ.  As the Lord increases our “family,” we look to expand the ministry to other areas.

We are in the planning stages of our new home of worship that will serve as the headquarters for the Agape Fellowship Ministries, and Agape International Ministries (A.I.M.), Incorporated.  Currently, we are involved in the following ministries within our community: Juvenile, Adult Care Facility, Homeless Shelter, and SHARE, a monthly food distribution program.

The mission of Agape Fellowship is “Winning the Community to Christ; One Family at a Time,” as found in St. John 15:13 and 21:15-18.  In John 15:13, Jesus explains true love is laying down your life for someone else.  And in John 21:15-18, He asked Peter if he loved (agape) Him; Peter answered with the word “philo,” which means man-to-man love. Jesus told him, if he “agape” Him then feed His lambs.  We are seeking to exemplify “Agape” and “feed” the lambs with the Word of God! Our endeavor is to seek strong, energetic, enthusiastic, well-balanced believers, who are disciples making disciples, serving as model citizens in their homes, communities, and workplaces.  Excellence in every facet of our lives is of the utmost importance and the community should witness our example.  Our vision is not “new,” it is the same vision Christ died for—to do the will of the Father.